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Executive Director Perpetua Alfazema

Perpetua had a vision of helping people affected by HIV AIDS and worked with the community in 2005 to develop the Kuwangisana Project. Perpetua, originally from Mozambique, returned to live in her homeland to help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. She has been the organizational manager since the project began in 2006. She has a social work background and health and wellness training. Her vision and strong leadership skills make her a valuable asset to the program. After 5 years in Mozambique, bringing the program to it's successful recognition, locally, nationally and internationally she worked from Canada and took extra training in The United States for 2 years. She returned to Mozambique in August 2022 after the pandemic had settled down and vaccines were developed so she could travel safely. Kuwangisana programs have started up again and she is a great leader to develop new projects and see them through.


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