For the health and well being of all.

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Kuwangisana Project

 Kuwangisana means"For the better health and well being of all" in the local Sena language. Through the programs provided by this project, many lives have been positively affected and there is hope for the future.

Mission Statement 

Kuwangisana is a non- profit/non-government holistic community organization that provides programs to support and empower local people, especially women and girls in rural areas of Mozambique in attaining education and health services.

Project Description

 Kuwangisana is a well established registered non- profit/non-government organization providing a variety of health and education related services to the population of rural Sofala Province, including Caia and Chemba Districts in Mozambique. The work of Kuwangisana in Caia and Chemba Districts began over ten years ago at the request of the local chief. Kuwangisana has a proven long-term commitment to serve rural and remote communities, a dedicated staff, strong and gifted leadership and effective and efficient operating systems.


Support for Kuwangisana's programs come from Grants and a close association with The Caia Connection, a registered Canadian Charity. See programs page for more information about the work and how you can support the programs and work being done at Kuwangisana.

Donations can be made to Kuwangisana by clicking on this link to:                                     The Caia Connection donations page