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 Many people want to be involved and may want to volunteer at one of the Kuwangisana sites.

Here is some info for you to consider.

Volunteer with Kuwangisana Organization in Villa de Sena

Situated along the mighty Zambezi River in Sofala province, central Mozambique, Villa de Sena is estimated to have 42,000 residents. The residents mainly work in the areas of agriculture and fishing. The houses are mostly made out of mud, bamboo and straw and are relatively spread out throughout the village. The vast majority of people speak the local dialect Chisena, while a much smaller minority, comprised almost exclusively of local businessmen, teachers, students, and health professionals, speak Mozambique’s official language, Portuguese. Hippopotamuses, crocodiles and other creatures are known to inhabit the Zambezi River. (Patricia O).

Project sites

· Caia, Chemba, Cheringoma, Maringue and Marromeu.

Help is needed in the following areas

· Health: Support Home-Based Care for HIV and AIDS clients and Orphans and Vulnerable Children

· Education: Support Early Childhood Education for orphans and vulnerable children between the ages of 2-5, and provide remedial education especially for children with special needs, physical or learning disabilities.

· Music: Support traditional music and dance to provide therapy and healing for children recovering from grief and trauma of losing their parents.

· Library: Support a new community library in Villa de Sena

· Scholarship: Support post-primary school programming and especially the transition for girls from primary to secondary school and from secondary school to higher levels of education.

· Agriculture: Support income generating projects such as Amai a Moringa social enterprise business

Basic costs

· Air travel to Beira, city largest city in Mozambique
Documents: passport and visa

· Insurance

· Police background check

· Immunizations

· Local transportation

· Housing and food

· Personal spending money

· Teacher to learn Portuguese or Chisena

The Volunteer

  • The volunteer must be 18 and up of age. He or she needs to understand African culture and willing to live and work in different culture.