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2021 Updates

Mozambique has also been affected by Covid 19 and our projects are slowly starting up again. Schools are reopening and post secondary students are back to class. Everyone is social distancing, hand washing and masks are required.

Thanks to a generous donation to Kapasseni village, The Caia Connection has been able to begin much needed repairs to buildings in Kapasseni. The Health Center has some major cracks and the District Health office went with Job to identify what repairs will be done. Some paint and repairs will be done at the Elementary school and Preschool. Kapasseni Elementary school will get some new desks and uniforms.


The Caia Connection has reached out to The Barefoot College, who has experience in water desalinization and solar power systems. These two systems require expertise to install and maintain. The Barefoot College trains women to do this in a 2 month course. The women will be able to train others in the community. We are in the planning stage and the Barefoot College is excited to work in Mozambique. First steps are to recruit 2 women for training, price out solar equipment and develop a plan with the Barefoot College team to determine what amount of power will be needed. This will be a huge project and will require fundraising and grants will also be explored. The Distance Learning Centre’s computers and lights will be run with solar power. We would like to bring power to the other buildings in Kapasseni such as the Health Centre and possibly the Elementary school. We will set up a special projects fundraising goal on our Canada Helps site.

The Denis Donnelly and Siobhan Robinson Distance Learning Centre

 The Distance Learning Centre (DLC) is completed. The windows and doors are secured so we can now bring in the desks and a few computers, a large screen and projector will be installed soon. There is no electric power in Kapasseni so its important that we have a solar power system until a time when electricity may be installed. The DLC can run on either solar or electric power. Classes are resuming with 75 students from Grade 8 –10.

Return To Kapasseni

Kuwangisana film:

In July 2011, a team from Canada came to make a film about the Kuwangisana Organization to raise awareness in Canada and to raise funds. The Executive Director will use this film to help raise awareness and funding which will help in the area of sustainability.

Go to to view Return To Kapasseni, filmed in July 2011 by Ben Fox and Shivon Robinsong. Also on this website is the earlier film, Journey to Kapasseni, shot in 1999 at the inception of the  Kapasseni Project. You will see the sights and hear the sounds of Kapasseni and Kuwangisana, and gain a much clearer sense of the work of these projects and the impact they have had on the lives of so many  people. Both films were directed and edited by Victoria film-maker Bill Weaver. 

Kusaca Kudziwa Seeking Knowledge Library

Thank you to our supporters and for the many books purchased for the library! It is good to be open again.


Five pre-school classrooms have been completed to cater to the early child education project. It is supported by funds generated from the office rental, yard sales, the Kapasseni Project and the Caia Connection  in Canada. In the Kapasseni and Sena locations:

This is a picture of a preschool classroom built in Sena at Seven Hills Academy.

There are 5 preschools operating in 2014: 21 children attend in  Kapasseni, 94 in Sena at Seven Hills Academy, 30 in Caia, and 130 in Chemba. The preschools operate in coordination with the Ministry of Education.

Seven Hills Academy provides academic classes for many ages of orphans and traumatized children that need a nurturing environment. The instruction includes life skills training in gardening, basket weaving, and tailoring classes for the children times per week. There are also music lessons for guitar and piano as well as computer lessons and a chess club. 

 The Peace Corps volunteer housing has been completed, also with the funds from the office space rental.

 A kitchen and a dining room were constructed with the help of the community using local construction material at the new OVC site, designated as the Seven Hills Academy.

 Three new rooms were added to the wing at Kuwangisana?s Headquarters building to create more office space for HR/Admin, the clinic and reception.